Success Stories


" Thank you for the opportunity to trial the Calm Coat. I found the coat very simple to put on and take off which is a big plus when dealing with a dog who may already be stressed or difficult to handle.

There was a noticeable decrease in the arousal levels of the dogs I trialled the coat on, which as well as indicating the dog was more comfortable should allow the dog to learn coping skills more easily.

I see some great potential for using the merino calm coat with geriatric dogs who often wake at night as they are unable to regulate their body temperature as well as they used to as well as being prone to anxiety problems.

Treating behaviour problems can be can be tricky so it is great to have a good product to recommend clients use alongside a behaviour management or therapy plan. "

Nicole Eltringham-Young MSc
Animal Behaviour Consultant


" I just wanted to write and say that your dog coats are truly miraculous.  We have always dreaded Guy Fawkes because we have never been able to find anything, tranquillisers from the vet, rescue remedy and other herbal relaxing tonics that have worked.  Last night she came barelling into the lounge in an absolute panic and we put on the coat and she calmed down immediately.  Tonight we put it on before the fireworks started and she just stayed completely relaxed in her bed. It seems like magic."



" My 13 year old pointer cross Dot is slowly losing some of her senses. Her sight and hearing is not as sharp as it used to be. As a result of this she is less confident and calm on windy or rainy days. When putting on the Canine Calm Coat she relaxes within a few minutes. This makes life less stressful for her. "

Els Desart, Christchurch 


" Shilo used the Canine Calm Coat (along with some calming herbs from Becky) this year to help her cope with the fireworks over Guy Fawkes. The first night the fireworks started I had left it a bit late to get the Calm Coat on her calmly but once it was on she appeared more relaxed, no peeing on the floor thank goodness. 

The second night of fireworks I was more organised and had the Calm Coat on her well in advance and Shilo was even more relaxed than the previous night. She still came and sat next to me with a bit of shaking but much calmer than she has ever been. By Guy Fawkes night I put the Calm Coat on Shilo and she went to bed and didn't wake up when the fireworks started. A big relief to have her so much more relaxed this year and a nice change not to have her peeing on the floor.

I will definitely be using the Canine Calm Coat on Shilo every Guy Fawkes and after any earthquakes in the future. "

 Annabel Knight